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Spinach Ricotta Pie

This Spinach and Ricotta Savory Pie is a delectable vegetarian appetizer. Whether you're hosting a get-together with friends or need a quick dinner option, this versatile dish is a perfect choice: a crowd-pleaser for any occasion and is suitable for all dietary preferences.
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Spinach Ricotta Pie
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep 10 minutes
  • Cook 30 minutes
  • Servings 8 servings

The Spinach Ricotta Pie is a delicious Vegetarian Pie that is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s for an appetizer, aperitif, holiday meal, or even an outdoor picnic, this pie is sure to please. The recipe for Ricotta and Spinach Rustic Pie is not only incredibly easy to make, but it is also a beloved dish in Italian cuisine and beyond. It can be easily modified or enhanced to suit your own tastes and those of your guests. When you serve this Spinach and Ricotta Pie, you can be confident that it will delight both young and old with its delicate yet flavorful taste.

Rustic Pie and Quiche are two types of savory pies that are popular in different culinary traditions. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are some key differences that set them apart. Rustic pies have a simple crust, chunky filling, and casual presentation, while Quiches have a flaky crust, custard filling, and elegant presentation.

Using Frozen Spinach is a convenient and cost-effective option for making Spinach Ricotta Pie. It saves you the time and effort of washing and chopping fresh spinach leaves. Plus, frozen spinach retains most of its nutritional value, making it a healthy choice for this delicious dish.

This Spinach Ricotta Pie is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed as a main course or a side dish. It pairs well with a fresh salad or some roasted vegetables. It’s also a great option for potlucks or gatherings, as it can be served warm or at room

Featuring a Creamy Filling of Ricotta and Spinach, paired with puff pastry, this pie is truly a crowd-pleaser. In fact, it can proudly be called one of the most beloved Savory Pies, and it is undoubtedly one of the most frequently made.


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  1. To prepare Ricotta and Spinach Savory Pie start by carefully washing the spinach and once cleaned cook it in a pan with a little chopped red onion, a clove of garlic, a little oil, salt and pepper. When they are tender, deglaze them with a little white wine and finish cooking. Once cooked, let them cool and squeeze them well so they lose most of their water.

    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 3
    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 1
  2. In a bowl put the cottage cheese, eggs, grated cheese, salt, pepper, a little’ nutmeg and mix everything well.

    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 2
    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 4
  3. When the spinach is well cooled and deprived of the water, chop it coarsely with a knife, add it to the ricotta mixture and mix well.

    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 5
    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 6
  4. Line a 24-cm hinged mold with baking paper, then lay the puff pastry, prick the base with the tines of a fork and pour the filling inside, leveling it well. Fold the edges of the puff pastry in the center, brush with a little’ milk and bake in a static oven preheated to 360°F (180°C)  for 25-30 minutes or at least until the pastry is nicely browned.

    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 8
    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta Spinaci 9
  5. Once ready, remove from the oven and allow the Ricotta and Spinach Savory Pie to cool before serving and enjoying.

    Ricetta Torta Salata Ricotta E Spinaci


If you wish, you can enrich your Ricotta and Spinach Savory Pie by sprinkling the edge with some sesame seeds or by adding crispy bacon cubes or bacon petals to the filling.


It is very important that for perfect success of the Savory Pie you deprive the spinach of as much water as possible.


Ricotta and Spinach Savory Pie will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days without any problem.