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Scallop Gratin

Enjoy a delicious blend of fresh scallops, breadcrumbs, parsley, and garlic in this unique Scallops Gratin recipe. The dish offers a symphony of textures and flavors, while also being visually appealing.
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Scallop Gratin
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep 20 minutes
  • Cook 15 minutes
  • Servings 4 people

Embark on a delightful culinary journey with our Scallops Gratin Recipe, a sublime blend of ocean-fresh flavors and aromatic herbs. This exquisite dish, perfect for seafood aficionados and culinary explorers, showcases the natural sweetness of scallops, harmoniously paired with the rustic crunch of breadcrumbs and the aromatic brilliance of parsley and garlic.

Renowned for their delicate texture and rich flavor, scallops are the star of this recipe. They offer a tender, mildly sweet taste that is beautifully complemented by the crispy, golden breadcrumbs. This Scallops Gratin recipe, devoid of cheese, is a unique take on the classic gratin, focusing on enhancing the natural flavors of the scallops without overpowering them.

Each bite of this dish offers a symphony of textures and flavors. The breadcrumbs, toasted to perfection, provide a delightful crunch that contrasts with the soft, succulent scallops. The addition of fresh parsley adds a burst of color and a herbal freshness that elevates the dish, while the garlic infuses a subtle warmth and depth, making every mouthful an experience to savor.

This recipe is not just a treat for your taste buds but also a visually appealing masterpiece. The golden hue of the toasted breadcrumbs atop the pristine scallops creates a dish that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, planning a romantic meal, or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your weeknight dinners, this Scallops Gratin is sure to impress.

Moreover, scallops are a fantastic source of lean protein and offer several health benefits, adding a nutritious edge to this luxurious dish. Pair our Scallops Gratin with a glass of your favorite white wine for an enhanced dining experience. Dive into the world of fine dining with this simple yet sophisticated Scallops Gratin recipe, a dish that promises to delight and satisfy with every bite.

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  1. To prepare the Scallops Gratin start by placing breadcrumbs and a small amount of chopped fresh parsley in a medium-sized bowl.

    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 1
    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 2
  2. Next, incorporate the garlic that has been finely minced, along with a small amount of salt and a sprinkle of pepper. Thoroughly combine all the ingredients.

    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 3
    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 4
  3. Next, carefully wash the scallops in running water, ensuring they are thoroughly rinsed. Then, gently detach the coral and carefully place the nut back into its shell.

    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 5
    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 6
  4. Arrange the scallops on a baking sheet, ensuring they are coated thoroughly with the seasoned breadcrumb mixture and lightly drizzle with olive oil.

    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 7
    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate 8
  5. Place in a preheated oven at 400°F (200°C) for approximately 15 minutes, or until the top is nicely browned. Take the Scallops Gratinate out of the oven and serve right away, garnished with a few lemon slices.

    Ricetta Capesante Gratinate


If desired, you can enrich the breadcrumbs with chopped sage, rosemary and thyme so as to give a more Mediterranean taste and aroma.


To make Scallops Gratin, we suggest removing the coral as not everyone may enjoy it. However, if you do like it, feel free to keep it.


You can store Scallops Gratinated in the refrigerator for up to one day.