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Saltimbocca alla Romana (Roman-style veal cutlets)

Dive into this Roman classic, boasting tender veal slices adorned with Prosciutto Crudo and fragrant sage—a symphony of flavours awaiting your taste buds.
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Saltimbocca alla Romana (Roman-style veal cutlets)
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep 10 minutes
  • Cook 10 minutes
  • Servings 4 people

Emerging from the heart of Roman cuisine, Saltimbocca Romana is not just a dish—it’s a melody of flavors, making it one of Italy’s celebrated culinary masterpieces on the global stage. The origin of Saltimbocca is enigmatic. While whispers of its birthplace point towards Brescia (northern Italy), today, its essence is deeply rooted in the Roman culinary tradition.

Our dish showcases succulent veal slices, kissed with a light dusting of flour, then serenaded by raw ham (prosciutto crudo) and sage. This rendition presents the classic, flat preparation, but should you wish for a twist, transform them into enticing ‘Involtini di Saltimbocca alla Romana’ or rolled Saltimbocca. When pondering the perfect accompaniment for this Roman delicacy, think versatility. From a crisp salad to pan-seared vegetables or golden roasted potatoes, Roman-style veal cutlets companions are many.

Ready to dive into the legacy of Rome’s culinary treasures? Let’s embark on the Saltimbocca alla Romana journey!

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  1. To prepare Saltimbocca alla Romana, start by cleaning the meat of any ribs and fat. Place it on a cutting board and thin it using a meat tenderizer.

  2. Append a slice of prosciutto and a sage leaf on each slice of meat, then secure it with a toothpick.

  3. In a nonstick skillet, melt 40 grams of butter in extra virgin olive oil over medium heat. Meanwhile, flour the meat slices only on the side where there is no ham and sage.

  4. When the oil and butter are hot, lay the meat slices in the pan on the side where they are floured. Raise the flame, add a pinch of pepper and continue cooking.

  5. When the meat is nicely browned on the underside, deglaze with white wine. When the alcohol has evaporated, cover with a lid and cook for another minute. At this point, remove the meat from the pot and store it in a warm place.

  6. In the pan with the cooking juices, add the remaining butter and water, continuing cooking until a fairly thick cream forms. Spread the cream on serving plates, lay the slices of meat on top and serve the Saltimbocca alla Romana!


There are also many variations of Saltimbocca alla Romana, such as using Chicken Breast, adding Artichokes or simply adding Cheese.


We recommend that you do not salt the Saltimbocca alla Romana because the presence of Raw Ham makes the dish already salty.


Saltimbocca alla Romana should be strictly eaten at the moment.