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Crispy Fried Mozzarella, The Authentic Italian Recipe

Fried Mozzarella is a scrumptious breaded delicacy with a gooey center. Served as bite-sized balls ("fried mozzarella balls), it's the ideal appetizer or aperitif treat.
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Crispy Fried Mozzarella, The Authentic Italian Recipe
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep 15 minutes
  • Cook 5 minutes
  • Servings 4 people

Fried Mozzarella is a delightful dish characterized by its crispy golden exterior and gooey, melt-in-your-mouth center. This simple yet enticing recipe is perfect for those last-minute culinary inspirations, demanding minimal effort but a few essential tips.

Firstly, to prevent the mozzarella from oozing out during frying, it’s crucial to have a robust, dry breading. This means draining the mozzarella thoroughly before you begin the breading process. A double coating is recommended to ensure the breading is sufficient.

Considering the recipe calls for a handful of ingredients, it’s vital to use high-quality components to elevate its taste. Opt for fresh, flavorful mozzarellas and fry them in peanut oil. This oil ensures a crisp finish without overshadowing the delicate mozzarella flavor. If you prefer, you can also use a larger mozzarella block and cut it into smaller pieces. In this scenario, drain the chunks and pat away any excess moisture with a paper towel before breading.

Achieving the quintessential fried mozzarella experience requires the right tools. Using a deep fryer and frying oil will yield the best outcome. However, if you’re keen on using an Air Fryer, remember to lightly coat the mozzarella pieces in peanut oil before cooking them in a preheated Air Fryer. Do note, the texture and taste will vary slightly from the deep-fried version.


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  1. To prepare the fried mozzarella, first place the mozzarella cherries/mini balls in a colander to drain for at least half an hour.

  2. Dispose the flour, beaten eggs with salt and breadcrumbs in three different dishes. Bread the drained mozzarellas first in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the breadcrumbs, making sure that the entire surface is covered by the breading.

  3. Repeat the step by breading the mozzarellas in eggs again and then in breadcrumbs, to make the breading crispier and stronger.

  4. Heat peanut oil in a high-sided saucepan so that the mozzarellas are fully submerged in the oil and fry them until completely golden brown. Drain them with a skimmer and set them to dry for a few moments on a plate with paper towels. Serve the fried mozzarellas still very hot.

    Ricetta Mozzarelline Fritte


If you want your fried mozzarella to be gluten-free, replace the breading flour with corn starch orrice flour and use agluten-free breadcrumbs.


If you are afraid that the fried mozzarellas will pop open while cooking, despite the double breading, prepare them in advance and freeze them, this way the breading will be able to brown without the risk of the mozzarella melting in a moment. The only caution is to fry the mozzarellas while still from frozen and to rest them for a few minutes before serving so that they can completely melt inside.


Fried mozzarellas should be eaten hot, freshly made.We advise against storing breaded mozzarellas in the refrigerator when raw, because the whey contained inside would wet the breading by pulling it apart. The fried mozzarellas can be frozen from raw by arranging them well apart on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Once frozen and transferred to freezer bags they will keep for about 3 months.