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Creamy Mushroom Pork Tenderloin

Dive into our savory Pork Loin with Mushrooms recipe – a perfect main course for autumn gatherings and festive holiday meals. Discover the secret to tender, flavorful pork loin that your guests will love!
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Creamy Mushroom Pork Tenderloin
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Servings 6 people

Whisk your taste buds away on a culinary journey with our exquisite Pork Loin with Mushrooms recipe. Perfectly suited for the rich palette of autumn and the joyous celebrations of the Christmas season, this dish marries intense, earthy flavors with the succulence of pork loin. With its luxurious ingredients and sumptuous taste, it promises to be a standout on your festive menu.

Versatility in mushroom selection enables you to adapt the recipe based on availability, without compromising on flavor. Slow cooking allows the meat fibers to absorb the richness of the ingredients, ensuring a tender and juicy main course.

Ready to impress your guests with a gourmet dining experience? Roll up your sleeves, don your apron, and let’s transform premium ingredients into a culinary delight with our Pork Loin with Mushrooms recipe. Don’t forget to browse our compilation of Unmissable Autumn First Dishes to create a harmonious menu that encapsulates the essence of the season.


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  1. To prepare Pork Loin with Mushrooms first put the oil, butter, rosemary sprig in a saucepan and seal the piece of loin on all sides over high heat. Deglaze with a little white wine and once the alcohol part has evaporated, season with salt and pepper, add a little vegetable broth and cook for about 30 to 40 minutes, gradually adding more hot broth to prevent the meat from drying out too much.

    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 1
    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 2
    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 3
  2. In the meantime, in a separate pan, sauté the sliced onion with a drizzle of oil and butter. When wilted add the mushrooms previously Cleaned and cut into chunks. Let it flavor for a few moments and deglaze with a little bit of white wine. Adjust the salt and pepper and cook for about 15 minutes.

    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 4
    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 5
  3. When cooked, add the parsley, stir and add the mushroom pan to the pork loin for flavor. Then continue cooking together for another 30-40 minutes.

    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 6
    Ricetta Preparazione Lonza Ai Funghi 8
  4. Once ready, cut the pork loin into slices and plate it with the cooking juices and mushrooms. Et voilà your Pork Loin with Mushrooms is ready to be enjoyed!

    Ricetta Lonza Con Funghi Porcini


Eventually you can cook the mushrooms directlywith the loin, preparing a sauté of garlic and onion together and adding them just before blending with the white wine. To give a gourmet touch to your Pork Loin with Mushrooms, as soon as it is ready you canwhisk in part of the mushrooms thus obtaining a cream with which to wrap the loin slices. And if you are not afraid of calories, you can also flavor this mushroom cream with somecooking cream.


To cut the pork loin perfectly wait until it cools, this way the fibers of the meat will avoid flaking. Make sure the Baking Stock isn’t too dry or at least add another half ladle of stock so you can reheat and season the loin just before serving.


The Pork Loin with Mushrooms will keep in the refrigerator, inside an airtight container, for about 2-3 days. When ready to eat, reheat it in a pan by adding a dash of water or vegetable broth.